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  Weymouth Food Pantry is an independent, volunteer-based, 501(c)(3) charity. Founded in 1987, our sole mission is to alleviate hunger in Weymouth.

Click to download brochureWhat Do We Do? Weymouth Food Pantry provides supplemental and emergency food assistance to more than 500 Weymouth families every month. Typically, we provide three to four days supply of groceries on a monthly basis. Over the past five years, as the economy has worsened, the number of families we have served has increased by 36%. While most clients come to the Pantry, our dedicated volunteers also deliver groceries to homebound elderly and handicapped individuals.

Who Do We Serve? We serve Weymouth residents who need our assistance. Currently, the Pantry provides supplemental food for more than 11,000 Weymouth residents on an annual basis. The greatest number of people we serve have either a physical or emotional disability or may be caring for someone with a disability. The second greatest number are the working poor who do not earn enough to cover their expenses of rent, utilities, gas and clothing and still be able to provide nutritious food for their families. Over 10% of our clients are the elderly poor who, with limited income, sometimes coupled with the high cost of medications, are unable to make ends meet.

How Do We Do This? We do this with the help of generous neighbors, and a group of nearly 100 hard-working volunteers. The majority of food comes from donations by individuals, schools, churches, local businesses and other groups. While more than 92% of all donations go directly to client services, some money is also used for operating expenses such as rent, insurance, and utilities. We operate a “client choice” pantry, our clients choose from a standard list those items that best fit their needs.

How Else Do We Help? We also provide information on Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP – formerly Food Stamps) as well as fuel assistance, WIC, and health insurance. Advocates from SNAP and Manet Community Health provide on-site assistance to our clients.

How Can You Help? In addition to the increasing number of Weymouth families that we serve, the cost of food has risen dramatically. To meet this growing dual-demand, we continue to need and depend on strong support from caring neighbors like you.

Which Helps More, Money or Food? Financial support for the Pantry is critical to the continuation of our mission to help all of our neighbors. Through the Greater Boston Food Bank, we are able to obtain seven dollars worth of food for every one dollar donated. We also purchase perishable items such as milk, eggs and cheese in bulk. Thus your one dollar cash donation will provide more nutritious food than a one dollar food product.
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If you would prefer to donate food items, we always need the following: canned tuna and chicken, soup, cereal, pasta, rice, canned or dried beans, canned fruit and juices, canned vegetables, canned tomatoes and tomato sauce.

Help Us Solve - The Hunger Equation - - - - Your $upport + Our Efforts = Less Hunger in Weymouth

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